Viral indexing by sequencing Platform

Viral indexing by sequencing Platform

Viral indexing by sequencing Platform

The Plant Virus team is heavily involved in the developement and use of virus detection and characterization methods associating high throughput sequencing of nucleic acids purified form plant samples and bioinformatics analysis.


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As an offshoot of this scientific activity, the Team has developed a platform which offers to INRAE partners and industry stakeholders concerned by plant health issues a reliable, sensitive and, for the first time, exhaustive technology to detect all viruses infecting a plant sample. This platform is today the INRAE entry-point for all partners (seed companies, technical Institutes, extension services, grower organizations and diagnostic service providers) seeking such on-demand analyses, in particular for the identification of the viruses involved in novel diseases or in syndrome of unknown etiology.

On a service basis, the platform provides counseling and costing on projects, receives the plant samples, performs the extraction and amplification of nucleic acids. High-throughput sequencing is outsourced to a subcontractor and the platform performs the downstream bioinformatic analysis, up to the identification of known or novel viral agents present in the samples analyzed


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