Experimental facilities

Experimental facilities: Greenhouses and growth chambers

The experimental facility for the cultivation of plants associated to the UMR BFP comprises a set of greenhouses and tunnels, but also phytotronic chambers whose use is shared with several research units of the INRAE ​​site of Villenave d’Ornon. This facility operates a total of 3600 m2 of greenhouses and technical spaces, tunnels and 14 m2 of phytotron ic chambers dedicated to the classic cultivation of plants, transgenic plants and the confinement of pathogens.

The experimental facility includes several remarkable infrastructures, such as :

  • an 800 m2 containment greenhouse (S2 level, 660 m² of growth space) dedicated to the growth of plants infected by plant pathogenic mollicutes et proteobacteria, and including a confined Insectarium, allowing the breeding of vector insects as well as carrying out experimental transmission experiments.
  • a 320 m2 containment greenhouse (level S2, 240 m2 of growing space) dedicated to the growth of tomato.
  • a 265 m2 High Biological Containment greenhouse (level S3 / S4, 165 m2 of growth space) for the detention and manipulation under Agreement for quarantine plant pathogens.
  • a 700 m2 greenhouse built in 2014 with High Energy Performance (HPE) (confinement level S2, 450 m2 of growth space), which is shared with the UMR1287 EGFV (INRAE ​​and University of Bordeaux).
Installations expérimentales : Serres et Chambres de culture

The experimental facility also includes several other much older greenhouses for a total of 510 m² of growth surface (cultivation of strawberries and prunus) and 600 m² of tunnels.
UMR BFP also benefits from the availability of a greenhouse provided by Arvalis of 320 m2 (level S2, 200 m2 of growth space).

Finally, the device of phytotronic chambers is currently evolving. Until 2019, we had five phytotronic chambers for a growing area of ​​44 m2. Unfortunately, these very old culture chambers have successively become out of service. UMR BFP is committed to a renewal process for the park, and has thus recently purchased 4 phytotronic chambers (3.5 m2 of floor space) suitable for growing small and medium-sized plants (strawberry, Arabidopsis, Micro-Tom miniature tomato, rootstock and fruiting vine cuttings).

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